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I have been busy lately working on a manuscript that I hope I can turn into a book, either by self-publishing or by going the route of finding a agent/publisher.  In recent days, I’ve come to the realization that my book has wondered away from a central theme.

Isn’t that what life is like?  Sometimes everything looks like it’s going right along when all of a sudden you look around you and realize you’ve lost all sight of your path.  Sometimes, like my book, it’s just in one small area, but sometimes you wake up and realize your whole life has been highjacked by life.

When I was young, my most favorite book of all was Tower of Geburah, by John White.  It is a classic allegory about three siblings who learn through their adventures to follow Gaal– the book’s savior and Jesus-figure.  There’s one part of this book that relates to my conversation with you today.  There’s a point in the book where Lisa is following a path that ultimately will lead her to Gaal.  She’s not aware of this fact, only that it appears that the blue lit path is the good path and the other corridors she passes are tantalizing temptations, but lit by other colors.  At one point she falls to the temptation of the smell of freshly baked bread.  She follows down the path only to come to the realization that it’s a trap and she is now lost from the blue tunnel.  She calls out to Gaal and is lead back to where she started.  Yet, the path back to where she started seems to her to be longer than the path was to get herself lost in the first place.

Here’s my point:  It is so easy to find ourselves down a path we didn’t want or shouldn’t have followed.  Oh, I’m yelling at my kids more often again.  Oh, I’m not reading my Bible regularly.  Oh, I’m finding myself in the habit of being late for work.  Oh, there is a bout of illness that doesn’t seem to leave the home.  Death seems to happen often in my life right now, the grief is unbearable.  I’m not just talking about temptation, obviously.  I’m talking about anything that can hijack your life and turn your focus away from the path God has for you.  It’s not a sin to be in grief or to struggle with illness, as long as your eyes are squarely on the King of Kings.

The path back to the state of being you were intended for by the King of Kings can sometimes take longer than it took for your life to get hijacked in the first place.  Be patient with yourself.  Be released from the should’s, would’s, and could of’s.  As you refocus your attention on God, your path will slowly become clear again and you’ll find yourself back on track.  It takes time, and it takes being kind to yourself.  Jumping all over yourself because you got hijacked in the first place will only prolong the journey.

I’m back to step 2 with my book.  I call it step 2 because we will never find ourselves back at step 1 again.  God has already done so much, and He will use this experience you’re in to take you farther.  It may be that you’re lead back to step 2, or you may be lead back to step 10. When I was a child, I used to play Red Light, Green Light with my friends.  I did not like it when the person playing the traffic light would see me move.  That would mean I’d be sent all the way back to start.  I want you to be encouraged by the fact that you’re not playing Red Light, Green light.. Your path is moving forward.  Be kind to yourself.  Focus on Jesus.  Confess where you need to and then forget (1 John 1:9).  Follow the Lord to where you need to be.  God Bless.


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