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I thought I’d write and share real quick some of my favorite posts on my website. I love to write, but like every writer, some of what I write is written better than others.  So, for your reading pleasure, I give you my top 10 favorite blog posts:

10.  President-elect Trump is now President – I usually don’t like to put political posts up on my blog, but I have to say that I like this one because I’m so sick and tired of all of the protests and illogical posts that people are putting up because they can’t consider doing a little research.

9. Smart Phones & Children – I think this is a great post on a well-balanced view of Smart Phones for children.  Just yesterday my daughter says to me, “I can’t ever get into trouble because you guys always watch me on your phones and track me.”  She was frustrated, but I love that extra protection for my child.

8.  Look-A-Like Vehicles – A fun one with a little thought provoking ending.

7.  Things I’ve learned from my dogs and cats – I love this one because I strongly believe there is a reason God gave us precious animals to love.

6.  Relax. Let God – I love this one because God is truly the answer to our issues.

5.  Healthy Choices, No Resolutions – A continuation of last year’s thoughts about  unhappy resolutions, I talk about how other people’s choices can effect our change.

4.  Baby’s Cry – I tried to put some thoughts down on lessons I learned raising my kids.

3. Identity – Where do we find our true identities?  We spend so much time trying to find our identity, but we’ve had it all the time.

2.  Buggy-No-Bugbacks – A little piece on mindfulness.

1.  Unhappy Resolutions – This is my all time favorite.  Try to spend some time thinking of ways you can be nice to yourself.

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